Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i just linked this blog to my facebook... thanks Grant, glad somebody is watching out for me.

life getting busy

Just got back from NYC. The weather couldn't be better. The air was crisp, and the people were fantastic, Bustling everywhere. I had to go to Times Square, just to feel the energy. I am in search for a new pair of eyeglass frames, since mine got destroyed during the robbery (see earlier blog). Susan and I visited a couple of eyeglass frame stores on Sat.... then I visited a few more on Monday. Geez, all the glasses styles are starting to look the same. Here in Tucson, the weather is dry, and warm, and very cool in the evenings. Perfect for Oct. The smells here in downtown are very close to the smells in NYC. People, pizza and urine. Ah, the life in a city. LOVE IT!!!! people are beautiful! But people need to stay in cities, and not sprawl into the wild. The wild, (yes, the desert is wild) needs to stay wild. The people wanting to buy a big lot, and build a big house in the far areas of town, should reconsider, and buy a fancy, fancy condo downtown. We all need to rebuild our downtowns. Make them safe and fun to be in. Shops should be on the ground floor, while fancy and non-fancy condos above. Restaurants should stay open past 6pm and should be everywhere.... all sorts of food, all sorts of flavors, and shops that are not scary for the non-city people to visit. We need to rebuild our downtowns!!!!!

ok, i regressed.....

I am packing again, this time for Austin, TX