Monday, May 21, 2012


Hi all....
I am moving, not physically, but virtually.  I will be moving all of my blogs, website, and every other thing I can think of over to wordPress.  It just seems like the smart thing to do.  so, if you are following me on this blog, please jump over to my website, and click on the blog tab, and you will be redirected to my new blog site.  Once there, please click on 'follow'... and we will never be separated!!!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cinco de Mayo.
I am celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Redondo Beach, California, with my friend Donna at The Mandrel.  She owns this wonderful Flameworking studio and supply company, and is hosting my workshop...  Surface Painted Beads... "Dia de los Muertos" style.    Yes, I know Day of the Dead has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo, but we thought it might just be fun!!  I never need an excuse to make skullies, and making them with a bunch of people over the weekend of May 5 and 6 ... can't get better than that.

At the time of my writing, there is only one seat left in this workshop.  So, bone up (pun) and come play with me @ The Mandrel... (Click here to find out more information) .

(I am very proud of that pun....)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am currently taking a workshop from Tonya Davidson called: The Artful Success Program .. Connect, Collaborate, and Create.  This workshop is all about connecting with yourself, and how to do what you love to do, and that is to make art, and to make a living at it.  Yes, I know, I am already make a living at it, but I am always needing help with time management.  Or as Tonya says : "Self Management"  because you can't manage time, but you can manage yourself.    The first step is to eliminate.  (as the Dolics say from Dr. Who)  Eliminate, Eliminate......    Once you start making room , more things will come to you... in abundance.
Check out Artful success at

Friday, January 20, 2012

My website up and running!!!

Yes!!!  I am very excited.  

News today,   There is still room in my Feb. 5 workshop at Best Bead Show.  (Just found out last night that there are still some seats, so I am pushing it to fill up!)  :).  Yes, I know... You are probably being bombarded by lots of emails about the Tucson Gem Show.    But, if you are only going to do one fun thing this Feb. at the Tucson Gem show,... TAKE MY CLASS!!!!   :0

We will be learning how to easily and safely cut bottles, how to test different colors of bottles for compatibility, and how to flamework this stiff glass.

... Here is a link to sign up! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

having huge problem with my website...

Yes,  My website... a nightmare.....
But, my blog!!!  cool!   So,
My next class will be during the gem show at the Best Bead Show
click here to sign up 

I will be showing my work at The Best Bead Show...   Feb. 1 - Feb. 5
Kino Veterans Memorial
Community Center

                                 2805 E Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85713-6217
                                 (Intersection of E. Ajo Way & Forgeus Ave./
                                 Across from University Physicians Hospital)

I will also be at the 'To Bead True Blue' show  
                                             Doubletree Tucson Reid Park
                                             445 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ

See you there!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays

Crazy!!!  I am sitting in my living room at 2:19 in the morning, not being able to sleep.  So I thought I would enter a little bit on my blog.  Working on new pieces in the studio.  My rain series is filling my head with lots of Ideas.

I am also working on making some family presents, and glass flowers for an architect in Phoenix, Az.

Of course, I am working on beads, Beads, BEads, BEAds, BEADs, BEADS!!!   I will post some of my new ones soon on Facebook... or here, or there.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cross things off your list

I love lists!!!  I love the act of writing them in pen or pencil onto a sheet of paper. 
I love the act of crossing off items as I finish them.
lists keep me focused on what I need to get done, and what time frame I have to do them in.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, try making lists.  it really helps

new website look  .....  check
San Diego show .... check
small one day vacaton .... check (very relaxing!!!)
the International Society of Glass Beadmakers gathering.... check  (I did a talk, AND taught a class!!!!!  all very fun!!!)

now,...  ship some orders and get ready for Bead Fest in PA.  
Hope to see you all there!!!

This month is only 1/2 over, and my list is looking pretty good.