Thursday, July 1, 2010

I was away, but now I am back!

Hello everyone!!!
WOW!!!  Happy July 1!
I was in the middle of getting my website up and running, and completely spaced about keeping up with my blog.  I even forgot to put a link to here from there!!!  Boy, Sometimes you can get so tunnel visioned that you miss the obvious.
Lists.... Lists... Lists. 
This is the only way I can remember to do things, on time, every time!!!  I am the type of person who learns from my eye and hands.  If I don't see my hands do it, (or see your hands doing it) I don't remember it....  ie,   I have to write down the lists.  Typing the lists doesn't always work.... but writing long hand always seems to.  ie.,  making a bead using a new technique, I will learn the technique.  Read about the technique, I can understand how it is done, but I have not learned the technique until my hands actually do the technique. 
Classes... That is why classes are so popular.  I don't think I am alone in this!  You can read all day long about a technique, but just won't "get it" until you touch it!
Enjoy taking classes.