Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cross things off your list

I love lists!!!  I love the act of writing them in pen or pencil onto a sheet of paper. 
I love the act of crossing off items as I finish them.
lists keep me focused on what I need to get done, and what time frame I have to do them in.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, try making lists.  it really helps

new website look  .....  check
San Diego show .... check
small one day vacaton .... check (very relaxing!!!)
the International Society of Glass Beadmakers gathering.... check  (I did a talk, AND taught a class!!!!!  all very fun!!!)

now,...  ship some orders and get ready for Bead Fest in PA.  
Hope to see you all there!!!

This month is only 1/2 over, and my list is looking pretty good.