Monday, December 1, 2008

way too much Penicillin

First, I must apologize to everyone who checks out this blog. I have not updated it in quite awhile. Sorry about that. I will try to do better, even if it is to talk about my teeth.

OK... 2 weeks ago, my bottom left tooth (#19) was just killing me. I went into the dentist, and sure enough it is infected. It already had a root canal, so the next best thing will be to pull it and get an implant put in. Thus, I need to take penicillin... 10 days later, (after my full dose was consumed) my cat bit me while i was brushing him. He totally hates being brushed, but his fur is rather long, and it helps with the hair ball issue. Anyway, after my finger grew twice its size, i went into the doctor, and she prescribed more penicillin. Day 5 in this batch. I truly hate taking this stuff, because i think makes your natural fighting ability weak. (And I hate being weak). This dose is only for 7 days....

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