Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday came and went

OK... I said I would have some images of beads for you using the Bombay Saphire gin bottle..... But, NO!!!!!! sorry about that. I will have some images of the beautiful blue beads cut up into cubes, before I start grinding them. That will be tomorrow. OK... tomorrow never comes, but really I already have them cut, and I just have to take a picture and post it here. easy right? Yes! I have a new goal in my life, and that goal is to try to say something here more often. I won't promise every day, because I really hate breaking my promise. But I will promise to write here more often than before. (scroll down to see how bad I was...) I also updated this profile, so you can now click a gadget (to the right of this verbage) to follow this blog if you are interested. And believe me, you may be interested... because if you are reading this, you will probably want to read more.
till later,

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