Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trip to Denver. My view through coffee stained eyes.

Yep, I am on the road once again. This time to Denver. One exciting thing about Denver, is that you never know what the weather will be like. It can be hot (1 mile up, closer to the sun), or freezing in feet of snow. This trip has been wet

and cold

and fun. Here are a few of the stops I made along the way. Enjoy!

Ft. Craig, NM

Raton, NM

Trinidad, Co.

Near Pueblo Co.

And the Convention Center in Denver.


  1. LOL Bronwen, I take pics of shoes and the floor too!
    have a great trip- let's plan on getting together when you get home ( I have a bunny for you!)
    xxoo- MBZ

  2. I'd know those tie dye jeans anywhere! Have a great show! Come back soon...and safely!